CBD Oil: How safe is it?

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The medical consensus is that CBD is quite safe, even though more research needs to be done on its many effects. A report published in November 2017 by the World Health Organization states, in humans, CBD does not appear to have any abuse or dependence potential. According to our research, there are no public health issues associated with CBD use. In Dr. Hill’s opinion, CBD by itself appears to be relatively safe. However, it can be dangerous if the labels are inaccurate or patients choose to utilizeĀ Best CBD Oil as a first- or second-line treatment rather than more established treatments like chemotherapy.

The use of poor-quality CBD may result in troubling, dangerous consequences. According to a U.S. Army public health alert issued by the Army in April 2018, approximately 60 patients in North Carolina were treated for health problems caused by vaping tainted Best CBD Oil at medical centers. Diagnosis, headaches, nausea, vomiting, palpitations, confusion, disorientation, agitation, and seizures were some of the symptoms. Other than that, there were only three common side effects noted in a 2017 overview of CBD’s possible side effects:


  • Anxiety
  • A diarrheal illness
  • Weight and appetite changes

In any case, that doesn’t mean CBD is tolerable in everyone – just that so far, no significant problems have occurred. The study, commissioned by the European Industrial Hemp Association, noted that widespread use of CBD is still in its early stages, pointing out that important toxicological parameters, such as the effect CBD has on hormones, need to be studied. The report also said, more clinical trials with a higher number of participants and longer chronic CBD administration still need to be conducted. Furthermore, it said, studies to determine whether CBD and drugs interact in clinical trials are also needed. There’s also growth in CBD products for pet-and-animal use, according to a survey. Veterinarians have been asked about CBD’s potential uses, the study found.